About SKA

Skalvija Film Academy was established in 2007  as a second home for 15-18 year-old youth who love cinema and want to create films by their own.

The Academy is a long-term (1 to 2 years) hands-on workshop taking place twice a week. Students can choose from three different study programmes – feature film, documentary film, film theory and analysis. Young filmmakers are guided and consulted by film professionals, and their results are screened publicly in the SKALVIJA Cinema Center.

Several times per year the Academy organizes various workshops in different studios with film industry professionals such as light workshop in “Cinevera” ,  Sound and Foley workshop in “UP Record” studio and etc.

Every summer time Academy students are going to summer camp which takes place in Nida Art Colony. During the camp we shoot from 2 to 3 short movies with a help of professional Lithuanian directors.

The Academy is financially supported by The Culture Support Foundation,  Municipality of Vilnius and Lithuania Film Center.

Our partners are – “Actors agency Lithuania”, “Editos kastingas”, “UP Records”, “Cinevera”, “Nidos meno kolonija”, “Meno avilys”, “Ciobreliai”, Lithuanian filmmakers union.


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